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About us

The team

Learn more about our founders, who they are and what makes them work on FACEC and how they see the brand. 

Citrus Fruits

Paul Schönfeld
from Germany, 15 years old

 I love our mission, our challenge. From my point of view spirituality and love are missing in the modern society, so I am even happier to create products that bring this back to where 

it belongs to. To me, my grandma, my friends, my uncle, to YOU, to all  people who want to make the world a better place.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-06 um 17.34.57.png

Nayeef Khan
from Bangladesh, 14 years old

To me FACEC is an entrepreneurial experience and an inspiration to millions. FACEC to me is the belief that when there is passion, age doesn't matter. Young people like us can create examples to be followed by many. FACEC to me is providing for the larger good, sharing LOVE and having great bonds. FACEC to me is Self Confidence, FACEC to me is to make you Confident.

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